About us

Every day we hear and read about sad and horrible stories about dogs and other animals. Pets that are abonded, mistreated or worse. Our goal is to help the wonderful people and orgenizations around the world keep doing what they do best – save the animals!

1. we believe that adoption should be the first option when adding a furry friend to the family.

2. we think that puppies are cute, but there’s nothing more special than the love of an old dog.

3. we believe that quality is better than quantity, that’s why you’ll find only top-quality products in our shop.

4. we believe that dogs give us so much love and that’s why we should give them the same.

5. and most of all, we believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and we will never sell an item without giving back to them, that’s why every time you purchase an item on isradog’s shop, we will donate 25%-50% of the proceeds to animals shelters and organizations around thew world.